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City Hall
225 E. Portage Avenue
Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783
(906) 632-5700

All Departments are located at City Hall unless otherwise noted.

City Commissioners
Upcoming Meeting Agenda
Commission Meeting Minutes

City Commission meetings are televised on Charter cable-channel 97

Other Boards & Commissions

Public Notices
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  • Budgets
  • Year-End Reports
  • Master Plans
  • Goals
  • Audits
  • Reports, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions
Information on many of the city services provided. Feel free to contact us to request information or suggest topics for inclusion in the system.

City Forms

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Employment Opportunities
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  Oliver Turner, City Manager Email
Sue Goetz, Administrative Assistant Email

Phone: (906) 632-5705
FAX: (906) 635-5606

  • Responsible to the Commission for the efficient administration of all administrative departments of the City government except the Attorney’s department.
  • Sees that all laws and ordinances are enforced
  • Sees that all terms and conditions imposed are in favor of the city or its inhabitants in any public utility franchise, or in any contract, are faithfully kept and performed
  • Recommends an annual budget to the Commission and administers the budget as adopted under policies formulated by the Commission, and keeps the Commission fully advised at all times as to the financial condition and needs of the city.
  • Recommends to the Commission for adoption such measures as he or she may deem necessary or expedient; and attends Commission meetings with the right to take part in discussion but not to vote
  • Performs such other duties as may be prescribed by charter or as may be required of him or her by the commission

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  Tina Fuller, City Assessor Email
Glenda King, Appraiser

Phone: (906) 632-5710
FAX: (906) 635-5606



  • Find property within the city and where it is located

  • Find out who owns property and how to contact them by mail.

  • Obtain the value or tax liability of a piece of property.

  • Find out whether a property has a special assessment on it.

  • Fill out a homestead form if you are a first time homebuyer.

  • Get a repair/maintenance form to update your home.

  • Fill out a property transfer affidavit.

  • Give a copy of a Land Contract to the Assessor’s Office.


  • Assists people with information pertaining to property record cards, such as:

  • Legal Descriptions

  • State Equalized Value; Taxable Value

  • Square footage of a home; Year Built

  • Lot Size

  • Other informational questions

  • Helps to locate properties for people and make copies of assessment cards & maps showing where property is.

  • Gives tax information for tax bills and millage rates

  • Has a list of "sold" properties within the past year.

  • Has maps of the City & subdivisions to locate property.

  • Update property info with every deed recorded

  • Change mailing address per owner's request

  • Holds Board of Review meeting in March for individual assessment appeals.  Holds two additional Board of Review meetings in July & December for clerical errors and mutual mistakes only.

  • Defends appeals at the state level (Michigan Tax Tribunal)

  • Sends out Change of Assessment notices every year the value changes

  • Processes personal property statements and maintains those values every year.

  • Processes TIFA reports annually for the 3 districts in the City.

  • Maintains the IFT (industrial facility tax abatement) parcels

  • Assists the Finance Director in projecting the budget

  • Value Exempt buildings for the Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians, per agreement

  • Process state required reports with totals after March BDR is done

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Robin R Troyer, City Clerk/Assistant City Manager Email
Jennifer Nelson,
 Deputy City Clerk Email
Amber Peitrangelo, Secretary Email

Phone: (906) 632-5715
FAX: (906) 635-5606

  • Register to vote
  • Obtain a permit or license from the City
  • Obtain records from the City


  • Maintains records for the City Commission
  • Acts as the official record keeper for the City
  • Administers all state, local, and federal elections
  • Acts as the purchasing agent for the City
  • Acts as the record keeper for Riverside Cemetery
  • Acts as the voter registration agent for the City
  • Licensing: Drain Layer, Sign Erector, Taxi Owner & Driver, Snow Plowing, Solicitor/Peddler, Carnivals and Circuses, Auctioneer License Application, Rubbish Collector License Application, Transient Merchant License Application (application forms may be found in the forms section of this website or to the right)
  • Handles Liability claims
  • Issues Burn Permits
  • General permits: Snow Plowing
  • Coordinates Freedom of Information Act requests

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License Applications

COMMUNITY  Development
  Linda Basista, Community Development Director. (906) 632-5733 Email
Joan Roney, Department Secretary Email

Phone: (906) 632-5700
FAX: (906) 635-5606

  Steve Akkanen, Building Official  Email

Phone: (906) 632-5702
FAX: (906) 635-5606


  • Obtain building, mechanical, or sign permits

  • Make inquiries regarding zoning or building construction

  • Register a rental property


  • Issues building and mechanical permits

  • Enforcement of building and mechanical codes

  • Annual registration of residential rental properties

  • Reviews plans for compliance with applicable building and mechanical codes prior to permit issuance

  • Issues sign permits and enforces sign ordinances

  • Repair and maintenance of traffic signal control equipment

  • Maintenance of control equipment for downtown decorative lighting

  • Provide staff support for construction, and existing structures board of appeals.

Additional Information:

  • Please provide 24-hour advance notice when requesting an inspection

  • Please contact the department well in advance of planned projects to obtain information about plan review process.

  • Most forms and guides are viewable on this website.

  • Find our zoning ordinances here.

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  Robert Brown, Ordinance Enforcement Officer Email

Phone: (906) 632-5701
FAX: (906) 635-5606


  • Check the complaint history and outstanding complaints of a property that you may rent or purchase


  • Enforcement of property maintenance code and various city ordinances regarding property maintenance, and public nuisance (junk and debris, long grass, dilapidated buildings, garbage, junk vehicles, etc.)

Additional Information:

  • When making a property complaint, please try to include information on the following: the address of the problem property, information on the nature of the complaint, and your name and phone number so that we can contact you for further information if necessary.

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  Kelly Freeman, Planning & Zoning Administrator Email

Phone: (906) 632-5703
FAX: (906) 635-5606


You are planning any land development that includes:

  • Rezoning
  • Lot Splits
  • Land Divisions
  • Street and Alley Vacations
  • Zoning Variance for Construction
  • Purchase of City Land

The primary tasks of the Planning & Zoning Department are:

  • Community Planning
  • Administration and enforcement of city zoning ordinances
  • Zoning Ordinance updating and amendment
  • Grants Development and Administration
  • Capital Improvements Planning
  • Assistance to business with project siting
  • Answer inquiries regarding zoning

Other tasks of the department include:

  • Processing and sales of City surplus land
  • Census Coordination
  • Data and Statistics Compilation
  • Downtown Development Assistance
  • Parking System Planning support
  • Historical Development planning
  • Serves as staff to the following Boards and Commissions:
    • Planning Commission
    • Historical Development Commission
    • Zoning Board of Appeals

      The Zoning Board of Appeals meeting schedule and notification are such that appeal requests are heard 3-7 weeks following the date of application, depending on scheduled monthly meeting dates. A schedule of application deadlines and meeting dates is available through the Building Department and is available here.

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Downtown Development
  Justin Knepper, DDA Director, Email

511 Ashmun St., Suite 103
, Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783

Phone: (906) 635-6973
FAX: (906) 635-6974

The Sault Ste. Marie Downtown Development Authority was established in 1980. City fathers saw the need to help spur economic growth and development in downtown Sault.  Functioning for over 25 years, the DDA has created 2 Tax Increment Finance Districts.  These districts have been used to finance many infrastructure projects in the downtown.  The DDA has also instituted a Principal Shopping District (2mil tax assessment) to help market and promote the downtown area. The Downtown Development Authority maintains an extensive website at DowntownSault.org

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  Kristen Claus,  Executive Director Email
Becky Bottrell,
Executive Assistant Email
2345 Meridian St., Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783

Municipal Airport/Sanderson Field
Larry Putnam,
Airport Manager
Phone: (906) 635-0252

Phone: (906) 635-9131
FAX: (906) 635-1999
email: info@saultedc.com




  • You want to open or relocate an industry in Sault Ste. Marie.

  • You need Business and/or Industrial siting or expansion assistance.

  • You need assistance on financing, labor training, or infrastructure for new or expanding manufacturing

The Primary Tasks of the Economic Development Commission are:

  • Promotion of the City of Sault Ste. Marie for economic development including retention and expansion of existing industries

  • Development of necessary land and building facilities to accommodate economic growth:

  • Air Industrial Park Development

  • Sault Industrial Park management

  • Industrial Incubator Building

  • Foreign Trade Zone management

  • Tax Increment Financing Authority

  • Brownfield Redevelopment Authority

  • Coordination with Smart Zone and LSSU technology assistance. The following Boards and Commissions are served by the EDC staff:

  • Sault Ste. Marie Economic Development Corporation (EDC)

  • Sault Ste. Marie Tax Increment Financing Authority (TIFA)

  • Sault Ste. Marie Brownfield Redevelopment Authority (BRA)

  • Sault Ste. Marie Local Development Finance Authority (LDFA)

  • Sault Ste. Marie Airport Board  

  • Management of Sanderson Field (airport).

Learn more about the Economic Development Commission by visiting their website at www.saultedc.com

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Linda Basista, P.E, City Engineer ............. (906) 632-5733 Email
Terry Collins, Engineering Technician ........ (906) 632-5731
Angela Patterson, Project Administrator
.... (906) 632-5734 Email
Joan Roney, Department Secretary Email

Phone: (906) 632-5730
(906) 635-5606

  • Obtain information on City streets and utilities
  • Obtain utility or other right-of-way related permit applications

The City Engineering Department provides the public with information and services on the following topics:

  • Water main, sanitary sewer and storm sewer locations
  • Rights-of-way & existing plats
  • Develop, maintain and manage city maps
  • Historical data, aerial photos, an topographic maps
  • Utility and other right-of-way related permit applications and requirements
  • Permit applications for various Federal and State construction permits
  • Design, estimating, contract preparation, surveying, construction engineering, inspection services & contract administration on City projects.
  • Site plan reviews related to Engineering Department concerns.
  • Assist Planning & Development Department with zoning issues, grant applications, and other issues.
  • Assist Building Department with zoning issues, setback information, and other issues.
  • Provide Assessor's Office with special assessment information and documentation.
  • Traffic count collection/administration.
  • Assist Street, Water and Sewer and Parks & Recreation Departments with various projects.
  • City address assignments.
  • Traffic engineering services, including traffic sign inventory management.
  • Tree removal policy administration.
  • Development of City GIS System
  • Permits: Parades, Street Closures, Storm & Sanitary Sewer, Sidewalk, Curb Cut.

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Permit Applications


Jason Thorpe, Fire Chief Email
Mike Hill, Captain
Rod Sanford, Captain Email
Tom Sherman, Captain Email
Jennifer Nelson, Secretary Email  Phone: (906) 632-5715

Fire Hall - 125 Ridge Street Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783

Phone: (906) 632-2226
Ambulance Billing: 635-4580

2013 Burn Permits issued by the City of Sault Ste. Marie Fire Department are available at the City Clerk’s Office located at 225 E. Portage Ave.  The permits are no longer available for pickup at the Fire Hall.

  To setup a tour of our facility please dial (906) 632-2226, choose option 5 on your touchtone phone and ask to schedule a tour with the on-duty Captain The Sault Fire Department maintains it’s own website where you can find more detailed information about the Fire Department and the personnel. 

Visit the Fire Hall Website

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2012 Annual Report


Valerie K. Povey, Human Resources Director  Email

Phone: (906) 632-5708
FAX: (906) 635-5606

  • Obtain Applications for Employment for the city of Sault Ste. Marie.
  • Obtain Position Descriptions and other employment related documents.
  • Submit Applications for Employment with any department of the City
  • Review or obtain copies of any Employment Contract or Personnel Policy Handbook

Functions of HR Include:

  • Receive and process Worker Compensation claims for employees of the City of Sault Ste. Marie
  • Assist in employee complaints, grievances and requests for information
  • Refer employees to Employee Assistance Program, training opportunities, etc.
  • Internal and External position postings/advertisements
  • Completion of personnel-related reporting, surveys; ie: EEO reports, MIOSHA form 300, Wage and Hour surveys, etc.
  • Facilitate promotional and new-hire interview process
  • Screen applicant materials
  • Facilitate/participate in meetings for several committees:
    • Employee Assistance
    • Safety
    • Special Health Determining Committee
    • Ethics Review Panel

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Bonnie Raffaele, IT Director Email  Phone: (906) 632-5704
Craig Grambau IT Tech Email Phone: (906) 632-5757


FAX: (906) 635-5606

  The primary responsibilities of this department are to:
  • Oversee the development and maintenance of the IT strategic plan;
  • Approve vendors used by the organization and monitors their financial condition;
  • Approve and monitor major projects, IT budgets, priorities, standards, procedures, and overall IT performance;
  • Coordinate priorities between IT department and user departments; and
  • Review the adequacy and allocation of IT resources in terms of  funding, personnel, equipment, and service level.

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Dan Wyers: Parks & Recreation Director Email
Tim Gillett
: Assistant to the Parks & Recreation Director
Debbie Wallis
: Secretary, Cashier, Bookkeeper Email
Ernie Gehrke:
 Cemetery Assistant Email

Pullar Community Building
435 E Portage Avenue Email

Phone: (906) 635-5341
FAX: (906) 635-6967



Aune Osborn Campground
Pullar Community Building
Sherman Park
George Kemp Downtown Marina
Kaine's Rink
Sault Seal Recreation Area

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Other Recreational OPPORTUNITIES

Historic Homes & Structures
Historic Walkway
Neighborhood Parks
Recreational Leagues
Kemp Museum [Brochure]
John Johnston House [Brochure]
Historic Churches [Schedule]
River of History Museum
Community Garden Application and Rules
Sault Ste. Marie County Club



Andrea Kinnear, Parking Violations Clerk Email
April Jones,
Parking Enforcement Officer
Justin Knepper, DDA Director Email

511 Ashmun St., Suite 103, Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783

Phone: (906) 632-5746
FAX: (906) 635-6974

  • Pay a parking fine (must have correct amount)
  • Purchase a parking permit for parking structure
  • Purchase a parking permit for surface lots
  • Report a broken meter or other parking lot issue The primary tasks of the Parking Violations Bureau are:
  • Enforce parking ordinances city wide
  • Collect parking fines
  • Perform meter coin collections & reporting
  • Issue notices on unpaid parking tickets
  • Gather information for parking related court cases
  • Issue public notices for seasonal parking restrictions
  • Issue parking permits
  • Handle pay station deposits for parking structure

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John Riley, Chief Email
Michael Whitney, Captain Email
Lynn Shumbarger, Exec. Secretary Email
   Ph: (906) 632-5745

Laurie Gierke, Records Clerk 
   Ph: (906) 632-5744

Micki Leppien, Sergeant
Francis DeShano, Sergeant
Herbert Henderson, Sergeant
Derek O'Dell, Sergeant
Darrell Harp, Detective
Brad LaCross, Detective
Thomas Swanson, Detective Sgt. Email

Detective Bureau Email

Kristin Autore, Patrolman
Daniel Hackman, Patrolman
Ivan Hartman, Patrolman
Shane Hill, Patrolman
Nathan Kazmarek, Patrolman
John Larsen, Patrolman
Bryan Marger, Patrolman
Donald Martin, Patrolman
Brian Mattson, Patrolman
Andrew Schlegel, Patrolman
Christopher Stempky, Patrolman
Michael Troyer, Patrolman
John Weist, Patrolman
Jason Wyma, Patrolman

CALL 911

Dispatch: (906) 632-3344
Records Office: 632-5744
Detective Bureau: 632-5750
FAX: 632-6618

Office Hours:
Monday-Friday 7am - 5pm

401 Hursley Street
Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783




  • You need to file a criminal complaint
  • You need to seek resolution of non-criminal matters
  • You need to obtain information relating to investigations and vandalism
  • You need to obtain various licenses such as gun, bike and parking

The Police Department performs the following tasks:

  • Delivery of Police Services 24 hours/day, 7 days/wk
  • Investigation of and prevention of crime
  • Parking enforcement/records (632-5746)
  • Police Auxiliary Services (632-5744, 9 AM - 5 PM Monday-Friday)
  • Detective Bureau (632-5750)
  • Animal Control Division (Complaints 632-3344) (General Information
    632-1993 Ext 422)
  • The Police Department provides crime prevention material and programs. Call 632-5744, 9 AM-5PM Monday-Friday
  • Please obey traffic laws and ordinances.
  • If you have information concerning any crime please contact the department directly or through our web page.
  • Report suspicious activity immediately when possible. Your assistance is needed and appreciated.

The Police Department maintains its own website at: http://www.angelfire.com/mi2/saultpolice/

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James Moreau,  Director Email
Bill Anderson, Street Superintendent Email

Debbie Wallis: Secretary .... (906) 635-5341 Email

1244 E Easterday Ave Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783

Phone: (906) 632-9953
After Hour Emergency: 632-3344
FAX: (906) 635-1999

  • You have a question or complaint about a street

The primary tasks of the Street Department are as follows:

  • Maintenance of all City Streets and alleys.
  • Snow removal and maintenance of all city streets, alleys, and parking lots.
  • Maintain storm sewer catch basins.
  • Run the City's compost facility
  • Maintain City sidewalks
  • Leaf and tree maintenance for City streets
  • Posting of street signs
  • Painting of City streets
  • Grass maintenance on City street right-of-ways
  • Maintain City Christmas decorations, flags, and banners. 

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Kristin Collins, Finance Director/City Treasurer ....
David Pawley, Accountant/Deputy Treasurer ......
Susan Anderson, Accounting Asst./Accts Payable ....
Nancy Fuerstnau, Payroll Coordinator ...................
Trisha Dalgard, Utility Billing Coordinator ...........
Melanie McBride, Cashier ....................................
(906) 632-5726  Email
(906) 632-5725  Email
(906) 632-5724  Email
(906) 632-5720  Email
(906) 632-5722  Email
(906) 632-5723  Email

FAX: (906) 635-6963

  • Pay for City services such as water, taxes, licenses, etc.
  • Get information about a city bill
  • You have questions about Accounts Payable and Receivable

The primary tasks of the Treasurer’s Office are:

  • Collect payments and issue receipts for water bills, taxes, special assessments, rentals, licensing fees, permit fees, parking violations and permits, trailer park fees, ambulance fees, and all other payments to the City.
  • Record payments in appropriate customer accounts, tax roll accounts, and various municipal accounts.
  • Balance cash, receipts, and total cash register
  • Order tax notices twice yearly.
  • Calculate interest on all unpaid July taxes starting September 16 until the end of the collection period (February 28).
  • Turn all unpaid real estate taxes over to county treasurer on March 1st of each year. Prepare the tax payment schedule to school, city and county offices for processing. Calculate interest on delinquent personal property taxes and bill quarterly. Bill special assessments quarterly. Settle taxes with Chippewa County annually.

The primary tasks of the Finance Department are:

  • Accounts Payable • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounting
  • Budget Preparation and oversight
  • Payroll

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James Moreau, Superintendent Email

1171 E Portage Avenue, Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783

Phone: (906) 632-8451
After Hour Emergency: 632-3344


The primary tasks of the Wastewater Treatment Plant are

  • Treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater to return it to a quality that is safe to return to the St. Mary's river.
  • Operation of a series of sewage lift stations that is used in transporting the wastewater from individual houses to the treatment plant. The plant treats in excess of 900 million gallons of wastewater yearly.

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  Trisha Dalgard, Utility Billing Coordinator Email

Phone: (906) 632-5722
FAX: (906) 635-6963


NOTICE: You can now pay water/sewer bills online using your checking or savings account:  Sign Up/Log In


  • Sign up for service
  • Sign up for Water Billing autopay
  • Submit name changes
  • Ask water billing or usage questions
  • Review bill and resolve billing issues
  • Make appointments for the following:
    • Water turn-ons
    • Water shut-offs
    • Final Readings

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  Jim Moreau, Water Superintendent Email

1244 E. Easterday Ave., Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783

Phone: (906) 632-3531
After Hour Emergency: 632-3344

  Normal working hours are Monday-Friday, 7am-3:30pm.  For after hour or weekend emergencies, call the Police Department at 632- 3344 and they can page the "On-Call" person.


  • You are a contractor with a construction question.
  • You experience a water or sewer problem--please call the office first.

The primary tasks of the Water & Sewer Department are:

  • Maintenance and operation of the municipal water distribution system and the sanitary sewer collection system.
  • Assistance and oversight of contractors on water and sewer projects.
  • Assistance to other Public Works departments as directed by the Director of Public Works

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Jim Moreau, Water Superintendent Email


Phone: (906) 632-8981
After Hour Emergency: 632-3344

  Normal working hours are 6am-6pm, 7 days/week. If anyone experiences water quality problems after these hours, call the Police Department at 632-3344 and they can page the "On-Call" person.

The primary tasks of the Water Treatment Plant are to:

  • Operate and maintain the Water Treatment plant, Raw Water Pump station, two booster pump stations and four elevated storage tanks.
  • Complete treatment of St. Mary's river water into drinking water and pump it into the distribution system.
  • Perform bacteria analysis for Chippewa County Health Department and for smaller local communities.

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Steven J Cannello, City Attorney Email

Offices of Moher & Cannello
150 Water Street

Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783

Phone: (906) 632-3397
FAX: (906) 632-0479

  The City Attorney is charged in the charter with the following seven tasks:
  • The Attorney shall act as legal adviser to, and be attorney and counsel for, the Commission and shall be responsible solely to the Commission. He shall advise any officer or department head of the city in matters relating to his official duties when so requested and shall file with the Clerk a copy of all written opinions given by him.
  • He shall prosecute any such ordinance violations and he shall conduct for the city such cases in court and before other legally constituted tribunals as the Commission may request. He shall file with the Clerk copies of such records and files relating thereto as the Commission may direct.
  • He shall prepare or review all ordinances, contracts, bonds and other written instruments which are submitted to him by the Commission and shall promptly give his opinion as to the legality thereof.
  • He shall call to the attention of the Commission and the City Manager all matters of the law, and changes or developments therein, affecting the city.
  • He shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed for him by this charter or by the Commission.
  • He shall at all times cooperate with the City Manager and shall provide such duties as are requested by the City Manager so long as they are not inconsistent with the duties of his office as herein provided. Upon the recommendation of the Attorney, or upon its own initiative, the Commission may retain special legal counsel to handle any matter in which the city has an interest, or to assist and counsel with the Attorney therein.

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City of Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
225 E Portage Avenue - Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan 49783